Welcome, New Member of the Academy

Congratulations on becoming a Member in good standing of the Copywriting Academy. You have begun a Journey to Mastery of what I consider the essential business skill: the art and science of persuasion.

Accelerate Your Journey to Mastery

If you’d like to accelerate your Journey to Mastery, you might want to consider upgrading your enrollment to the Copywriting Academy Elite Masters Program. In the Master’s Program, you get personal, private help with your first full sales letter. When you have completed your copy, simply submit to us, and we will:

  1. Read. We read your copy carefully, poring over every word to look for your copy’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Review. We review the options for strengthening your copy, discuss it as a team, and then settle on our final recommendations.
  3. Record. We then record a video commentary, going through your copy line by line, suggesting revisions, and explaining why we make these suggestions. Not only are you getting my recommendations and those of my Inner Circle Copywriters, you get something more valuable: insight into we think about copy.

And then, finally, the Grand Finale’…

You Get a Private, Personal, 30-Minute Phone Consultation

After we send your marked-up copy and the video commentary to you, and you have taken the time to review and think about our suggestions, let’s get on the phone. We’ll discuss the suggestions we made, and answer any of your questions.

Three Reasons Why You Should Join the Masters

I feel strongly that every Member of the Academy should join the Masters Program, for the following three reasons:

  1. You save time. This is, without a doubt, the fastest path to the cash. Write your copy, have us review it, discuss our recommendations, and then our suggestions to work.
  2. You save money. You save money two ways: first, you save the money you might lose by putting flawed copy in the marketplace (there’s really no way to know just how much damage that might do to your long-term business potential.) Second you save on having to pay another copywriter later to come in and fix your copy.
  3. You save the pain of “trial & error”. We can help you skip most of your rookie mistakes, and so you can jump from “rookie” to “competent copywriter” very quickly.

Look, I know this is not going to work for everyone. Many people (perhaps you) will need to just do it the “DIY” way. There’s nothing wrong with that. The Academy will get you from zero to competent faster than any other method or training I know of.

But… if you’d like to kick it into “warp speed”, this is the ticket for you.

Your One Chance to Save $2,500
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Look…. you’re going to want this at some point. Buy it now, while it’s cheap.

To add the Copywriting Academy Elite Masters Program to your order, simply do this:

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