Give Me 3 Days and Together We’ll Create Copy That Transforms Your Business and Your Life.

In this letter, you will not only discover the secrets to that, but also:

• Why you MUST claim your $10,000 bonus for FREE – and why you MUST be quick about it (or lose it!)
• The most powerful way to write your copy fast – and still have it be GOOD.
• The way to FORCE genius-level-Copy from your brain – even if you hate writing or you are “not a writer.”

You probably enrolled in the Copywriting Academy because you want to sell more of your products and services.

Maybe you are just getting started or thinking about getting started… or maybe you’ve been at this a while and just don’t have the success you want. Or …

Maybe you’re doing well, but feel like you’ve only just begun to tap the true potential you and your business have.

I’m going to share with you the most powerful method I know for accelerating your success.

When I say accelerate, I mean you can literally skip years of trial and error, and compress decades into days.

At the Copywriting Academy Live event, you’ll walk in with a blank page, and walk out with your sales copy written. Done!

And in just a minute, I’m going to explain how you can claim your two free tickets to Copywriting Academy Live – your $10,000 bonus gift for being a student in good standing of the Academy. This $10,000 pair of tickets is yours free, today, while they last.

I say “while they last” because we have a very limited number of seats available. Due to the physical limitations of the venue, once we have reached our maximum registration numbers, we will close down registration. But why is it so important for you to claim your seat at the live Academy, and show up? The reason is simple, but chilling…

Your Business Could Be At Stake.

As independent entrepreneurs, we want to take our life wisdom, ideas, story, and experience … and turn that into an income, but we face some sobering facts.

According to the Gallup organization, “About 50% of new companies fail in their first five years.” Five years of work, money, and hope — and it all just disappears; five times out of 10.

Keith Cunningham is the real inspiration for the “Rich Dad” in Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Keith is also one of the world’s leading experts on business growth and teaches at the prestigious Tony Robbins Business Mastery School. And according to Keith, the number one reason businesses fail is … lack of cash flow.

Keith says “Profit is theory. Cash is fact.” Most entrepreneurs simply don’t know how to generate cash consistently. So their business fails for a very simple reason: they can’t pay their bills.

I’ve Been There Myself

Maybe you’ve been there. I know I have, in the past.

You have these moments of inspired action, where you see the vision for the future. You know you have a solution that your customers need. You have a solution that could change their business, their life, their family… their world. You are confident of its value, of your mission, of your purpose.

And then the so-called “real world” crashes in.

You have so many responsibilities. There is so much to do. So many expenses. Websites, email services, designers, merchant accounts … the list is endless. And you work and work and work, and finally put your offer out there and… crickets chirping. No sales. Nothing. Nada.

Or even worse, somehow, maybe you get a handful of sales. Considering that you may have already sunk thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into your business, getting only a handful of sales feels like insult added to injury.

Deal With it… Or Your Business Dies

And as if that isn’t bad enough… I’m going to tell you how this is going to turn out.

If you don’t do something radically different than what you’ve ever done before you’ll be a statistic. And the statistics are even worse than what I shared earlier.

Because that “50% business failure rate” is for all businesses.

When you break it down to look at our kinds of businesses – coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, authors, speakers, and practices, or small brick-and-mortar shops … the numbers are way worse.

Only 3 out of a hundred succeed.

That means that out of every 100 people reading this, 97 are going to be out of business within the next 12 months.

Only 3 will survive.

All of us think we are going to be one of those 3, but clearly 97 of us are wrong about that.

What I Really Wanted Was Cash Flow

But there is hope. You can self-select out of the 97% who fail, and be one of the 3% who succeed. You can get out of the “cash flow hole.”

You can decide to be part of the 3% who have positive cash flow, have the money to grow your business, and live the life of freedom you want. I believe you have the power to decide, and then act, and create the business and the life of your dreams.

It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear me say that you’re only one great sales letter away from financial freedom. That’s probably why you joined the Academy.

And inside the Academy, I give you the keys to the cash flow kingdom. You can open that door, walk up the staircase, and ascend to levels of freedom you’ve only dreamed of before.

But what if you don’t want to take the stairs?

What if you want a faster, easier way?

I didn’t say “easy” – I said “easier.”

What if there was an express elevator straight to the top?

Well, there is. The Academy Live event is that express elevator. And I’ll explain why in a moment… but first let me explain how we got here.

The Search for Fast, Effective Copy

Most people try to get copy that is easy, fast, and effective.

You can probably guess – you’ll have to pick two out of the three. Chances are 99.99% you can’t get all three.

Copy that’s easy to write yourself and that you write fast usually isn’t effective.

Copy that’s effective usually isn’t fast.

Hiring a pro copywriter can be fast and effective, but if it is… it ain’t cheap!

So, what can you do? This sounds almost impossible. But it’s not impossible… you just need to make sure whatever solution you choose meets these 5 criteria:

1. Make sure you or your writers use proven “persuasion patterns.”

2. Use systems, templates and checklists. You want these to be created by a copywriter who has been in the trenches, has won some major victories, and has the battle scars to prove it.

3. Get feedback on the copy from a pro. But be careful – there are plenty of people who will give you “feedback” that is worthless at best. Or even downright detrimental at worst.

4. Get in-person reaction to you reading your copy out loud. The responses of another human being are important and invaluable. And BAR NONE, the best way to do this is in person.

5. Use the power of a “lock-in.” This is one of my most powerful writing secrets. I sometimes check into a nice hotel, shut off all outside communication, and start the countdown clock: 3 days later I walk out, sleepy, wrung out… and carrying a finished sales letter. Or even a book.

Even Though I Knew How to Write Killer Copy, I Almost Quit

In the early years of my business, I did well, but I still felt like I was working way too hard. I was “free” from a day job in short order.

I had lots of customers.

And then I realized, as I worked 80-hour weeks for myself, that I had simply traded one job for another.

My old job was hard, and my old boss expected 50-hour, 5-day work weeks.

My new job – “my” business – was harder, and my new boss demanded 80-hour, 7-day work weeks.

My new boss was kind of a jerk.

Of course, my new boss was me.

How a Scary Decision Change My Life Forever

For some strange reason – I’m sure it was a divine nudge from God – I decided to attend a live seminar.

This was scary for me. It was going to cost a lot of money. I had to take time off from work. I had to convince my wife I was not insane.

But I worked through those challenges, and I attended that seminar.

And that’s when everything opened up for me. I learned more, advanced more quickly, made more progress… from that first, 3-day seminar, than I had learned or advanced or achieved in the previous 12 months.

I had found the secret to business acceleration. And yes, it was attending live events. But not just any events, as I found out…

Because I started attending every event I could get to, and some were accelerators… but many were not. What was the difference? Here’s what I found…

Here’s the Difference That Makes a Difference

The live events that made the most impact were what I call “transformational events.”

Most often these were less like seminars, and more like workshops. In other words, events where we didn’t just get a lot of motivational speeches, or boring lectures… but where we actually got stuff done.

We did transformational, “needle moving” work right there, in the room.

Events I attended like this included ones by Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Bill Johnson, Michael Hyatt, Ken Davis, Kris Vallotton, and Jeff Walker.

Each of these events included the core value of: “let’s get stuff done right here, right now… not maybe, not someday, but this hour, this day. Let’s get results before you leave the event.”

Once I realized this difference-maker, transformational events became the only kinds of events I attend.

And this is exactly how I have designed Copywriting Academy Live.

Here’s What You’re Getting at the Live Academy (and Why You Should Attend)

What we do in the workshop, that we can’t do in the online course, is … immersion. We’re locked in a room together with one strategic outcome in mind: get your copy done.

And these tickets, by the way, are really worth $5,000 each. If you wanted to come to this event and you’re not a student of Copywriting Academy (or the Guest of a Student) you would pay $5,000 per ticket. And because I’m giving you not one, but two tickets, this bonus is literally worth $10,000.

But these two tickets are free to you.

Now, one thing you need to know, and I want these cards on the table: when you register for this live event, we do ask you to pay a $97 “Registration Fee” for each of you (you and your guest – or just you if you’re coming alone). Why? This fee covers your workbook, your reserved seat, and other materials. It also has you putting a little “skin in the game.” Helps get you motivated to SHOW UP. But each of your two $5,000 event tickets are free.

So in reality, you’d be kinda crazy to pass this up. Unless you have all the sales and profits you want. If that’s the case, by all means, stay home and binge-watch Netflix.

The Details on Your Free Event

So here are the details… the Copywriting Academy Live event happens in Franklin, TN (just next door to Nashville – it’s about a 15-minute drive from the Nashville airport).

The dates are Friday, June 23 – Sunday, June 25, 2017, 8am – 5pm each day.

And the workshop itself? We are gathering a small group of remarkable people… people just like you, who are committed to crafting their breakthrough copy. The kind of copy that can produce millions of dollars in revenue.

What Kind of Copy You’ll Be Writing

The same kind of copy that the pros who have unlimited budgets want… the same kind of copy that those pros, with those unlimited budgets, will pay exorbitant fees for… the same kind of copy for which my clients have paid as much as $180,000 for. The same kind of copy that has generated multiples of their investment … in sales.

You and I, my team of coaches, and a limited number of entrepreneurs and business-builders like you … will be hidden away, in our temporary world Copywriting headquarters, in total isolation, completely away from all distractions (which, by the way, is one of the little-known keys to writing effective breakthrough copy).

And we’re going to sit down and craft your breakthrough copy.

Not a Boring Seminar – a Productive Workshop

We are going to work for three days. Arrive prepared to write your tail off.

To write until your forearms ache from having pounded the keyboard for so long. To write until your brain is numb, exhausted from having poured out more creativity in a few hours than you’ve probably generated in the last three years.

To write until the tears flow… tears of fatigue and exhaustion, and more importantly, tears of joy and the thrill of having written copy that can effectively change your world and change your life.

You’ve heard me say that you are only one sales letter away from being a millionaire. And it’s true… if it’s the right kind of letter. The kind of letter that evokes not just a response, but a massive and profitable response.

Now I’m not telling you that you are going to become a millionaire because of the copy that you write at this event. There’s no way I can make that kind of claim or guarantee. But what I can tell you is that you’ll get closer to making that come true, by being present with me and my team at this 3-day event.

“Hey Ray, Is There a Guarantee?”

Due to the nature of this event (we’re going to enormous expense and taking immense risk before a single person shows up… or even signs up), there are NO REFUNDS of the $97 registration fee.

Of course, you’re not paying the normal $5,000 per-ticket price. So that means you’re automatically $4,903 ahead on this deal.

And one more thought: if you’re the kind of person who needs a guarantee on a deal like this, where I’m taking all the risk, then this event is probably not for you.

I will guarantee this, though: if you don’t attend, I absolutely 100% guarantee this event will not work for you.

I’ll Also Make These 5 Additional Guarantees:

1. You will be trained in and practice the use of proven “persuasion patterns.”

2. We’ll demonstrate (and give you) our best systems, templates and checklists. And I am a copywriter who has been in the trenches, has won some major victories, and has the battle scars to prove it.

3. You’ll get feedback on the copy from a pro.

4. You’ll get in-person reaction to you reading your copy out loud (if you want to – we won’t force you to do this!).

5. You’ll get the power of a “lock-in.”

What is This Event Worth?

This Live Workshop shouldn’t cost you a dime. Here are 3 good reasons why:

1. You’re getting a $10,000 return on your investment. All you must do is show up.

2. You’re getting live, in-person, teaching and training from Ray. This is the only way to get that at any price… and you’re getting it FREE as a member-in-good-standing of the Academy.

3. Ray has specifically designed this experience to install these “money getting” skills in your nervous system… and to allow you to compress his decades of experience into days for you. So you can use the skills for creating cash flow when you want to.

Plus, if the only thing attending the live event did for you was just one of the following:

1. Get your first draft copy written and finished in 3 days.

2. Allow you to be trained directly, in person, by Ray.

3. Get you free coaching from Ray’s trained and approved Copy Coaches.

4. Put you in a voluntary “lock down” and FORCE you to create your sales copy.

5. Imprint skills and persuasion patterns into your nervous system that you’ll be able to access for life.

In my humble (but accurate) opinion, any one of those benefits would be worth investing the retail price of $10,000. But the Academy LIVE delivers not one, not two, but all FIVE of these benefits… and more! FOR FREE.

Order Right Now Because We Have a Firm Limit on the Number of Attendees

We have a very real physical limit on the number of people we can host, due to the size of the venue (and the rather important rules imposed by the Fire Marshall).

NO “false scarcity” here… but this thing WILL sell out. And if you hesitate, you’ll lose out.

It’s Your Time.

Decision time.

Time to change your destiny.

Imagine you’re at a fork in the road. One road goes left, one goes right.

You can either continue down the road on the left, the same one you’ve been following, and probably end up in exactly the same place as always.

Or, you can choose a new road… the one on the right… and take the smooth path to the new life you really want. The road on the right leads to the Academy LIVE event.

I suggest you choose the right road.

Here’s What You’re Getting Today

YES, Ray! Count me in for the Live Academy! I understand that when I register today, I’m getting: 

My ticket to the event.

My workbook.

A guaranteed seat at the event.

FREE Coaching at the event.

Direct help, instruction and feedback from Ray, Sean, and the Team.

Special Free Surprises I don’t even know about.

Total ACTUAL Retail Value


Your Investment Today $97

(just to cover your seat reservation, workbook and other materials)


One More Thing

One thing is for sure: a year from today, you will surely arrive. The question is… where? Choose the path that takes you where you want to go.

So go ahead, click below, and get registered for the Copywriting Academy Live, June 23-25, 2017, in Franklin, TN.

3 days. Your copy done. With my help.

Get your ticket before they’re all gone. I’ll see you in Franklin… soon!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Still Have Questions? Here are the answers to the ones we most commonly hear.

Absolutely NOT! There will be no selling or pitching anything during our teaching sessions (all three days, 9am – 5pm). Some people will want to hear about other programs or training we have available – and we will schedule separate, 100% optional sessions to answer questions about those opportunities. Only for the people who want that. The workshop hours are devoted to getting you what you came for – your copy draft written, with our help!

Nope. I am a Christian, but it is not my job to convince you to be one. I won’t try to convert you, I won’t preach at you, and I won’t judge you. We have a wide variety of folks attend our events: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Rastafarians, Atheists, Agnostics – you name it. Everyone is welcome. For those who wish to attend, we will have a 100% optional, non-denominational church meeting Sunday morning. All are welcome (even if you’re just curious), but nobody is required or pressured to attend. And even in that meeting, we will not be attempting to “convert” anyone.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have finished the course. Or even if you are an experienced copywriter. The emphasis of this event is you are writing your copy on the spot, under my guidance. You’ll even be able to get direct feedback on your copy from me, and my team.

This can be the perfect opportunity to develop your product or to create the copy that builds your list (even starting from scratch).

We start each day at 8am, and we end at 5pm… so you need to arrive the day before the event starts and leave the day after. That means you will arrive at the event location hotel Thursday, June 22, and you will check out of the hotel Monday June 26.

Each session is carefully planned to get your copy completed. If you skip sessions, you will miss out on writing parts of your copy. So yes, you need to come for all 3 days, you need to attend every session, and you really do need to arrive the day before and leave the day after.

We’re not having the event at a hotel. We’re having it at the ultra-cool The Factory in Franklin. That way you can choose from any of the nearby hotels that fit your needs and/or budget.

Yes, these free tickets are for Academy members in good standing only. We will check the status of each registrant. We have a very limited number of seats at this event, and it’s possible we might sell out right away…. So don’t wait. Get your tickets today.

As long as you are an Academy member in good standing, you may bring a guest who is a non-member. Each person who attends does have to pay $97 for their workbook, to hold their seat, and to help cover other expenses of the event.

Because we need to have an accurate count for the venue, and because we are holding a seat for you, there are no refunds for ticket purchases. Once you’ve paid your $97, you don’t get it back – so don’t register unless you’re sure you will be there.

There is no guarantee we will ever do another one of these. So don’t wait for “next time,” because as of right now there is no next time. And a recording wouldn’t do you any good, because this is an interactive, “do this now” kinda workshop. So there will not be a recording. To get this bonus you have to sign up and show up… and you’d better do it now!

Bottom line: come to the Copywriting Academy Live workshop. You walk in with a blank page; you walk out with your sales copy done and your questions answered.


But if you wait too long… because the tickets normally sell for $5,000 each and you’re getting them for free… the seats will be sold out, and then you won’t be able to attend at any price.